What's going on?

The staff of 2293 Army Cadets Strive to ensure that we are keeping everyone informed of what is happening and to connect when things are rapidly changing. To be successful in this we have a number of ways that we stay connected while trying to utilize environmentally sound practices.

This website is our number one communication venue and if there are ever suggestions on what you would like to see posted on here.

Our Facebook Page: This is used to notify the general public of certain events throughout the year








2293 NSASKR Current Cadets and Parents Facebook Group

    This Facebook group is a closed group for current cadets and parents that will be consistently updated. This will also be utilized to communicate with cadets and events that the unit will be hosting. It is imperative that cadets and parents are on this group to have the most updated information. If you or your cadet are not members of facebook please let us know so we can ensure this information is passed on however we are trying to minimize paper printouts.



This Calendar is a sync-able google calendar which has all the basic information for the remainder of the training year. This can by synced to most calendars. This will updated whenever necessary so confirm here in regards to if an event is still happening and updated timings.

Weekly routine Orders showed detailed class, instructor and location of weekly training activities Shows all activities in the week starting by date stated

The Monthly Routine Order is the military name for the detailed calendar that was previously handed out each month including dress, location, and pertinent details. Please note this is not updated throughout the month so see the calendar for the most updated information