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Local Training

The first area is the LOCAL HEADQUARTERS TRAINING. During the training year which runs from September to June each year the cadets participate in weekly training on Monday nights as well as weekend exercises and Saturday training sessions. These activities are broken down into four training levels: Green; Red; Silver; Gold. We also run two senior programs the National Star of Excellence and the Master Cadet Program.

2293 Army Cadets meet Monday evenings at the Sgt Hugh Cairns VC Armoury located on Idylwyld Drive in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our Parade nights go from 6:15pm until 9:15pm from September until June each training year.


Our local training is broken down into 6 subgroups based on age and how long the cadets have been a member of the unit. When a cadet joins the unit who is older than 12 years old, on a case by case basis, we have the options to fast track a cadet into a higher level to ensure that they at the appropriate learning level.


These levels are broken up into the following training areas:

  • Participate in Citizenship Activities

  • Perform Community Service

  • Participate as a Member of a Team

  • Participate in Physical Activities and Track Activities

  • Fire the Cadet Air Rifle

  • Serve in an Army Cadet Corps

  • Perform Drill Movements

  • Canadian Armed Forces Familiarization Activities

  • Field Training Activities (Survival, Knots, Environmental Awareness)

  • Map & Compass, GPS Navigation

  • Leadership

  • Instructional Techniques

  • Expedition training & Outdoor Leadership

  • Youth Justice

  • Mentoring


Our Monday night training sessions are supplemented through other learning opportunities. We host marksmanship training Thursday nights as well as Saturday sessions for practical application of skills.


Throughout the year the unit participates in approximately 3 full camping weekends which include training in camp site routine, navigation and practical leadership. One weekend each year is dedicated to either cold weather training or supplementary expedition training.


For any other questions about the army cadet training program please contact us today.

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