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Supply is open from 1830 - 2130

General Rules:

All uniform parts issued to you are on loan. At the completion of your cadet career you must return all items back unless otherwise directed. When coming to supply you must observe the following;

  • Address the staff either by rank or appropriate gender appointment (Sir/Ma'am),

  • Not to go behind into the Supply Area unless otherwise directed,

  • Speak clearly and loudly,

  • Express what you are there for,

  • Only the person needing to see supply, should be coming to supply (no bringing your friends please),

  • Only the person requesting the item can sign in or out the item, and

  • Come with a Smile.​​

Cadets that join will have to wait up to 6 weeks before the issuing of their uniform. Upon issuing, cadets will receive the following and are expected to wear the items in the diagram below.


Tunic with RCACC and

North Saskatchewan Badges

Dark Green Army Trousers and pant belt

Tunic Belt

Beret and RCACC Patch

Green Short Sleeve Dress Shirt

Dark Green Tie

Parade Boots and Grey Wool Socks

output-onlinepngtools (1).png

Rank Slip-on

FTU Tunic

FTU T-Shirt

FTU Boots

FTU Pants and belt

output-onlinepngtools (2).png
output-onlinepngtools (3).png

Cadets will  sign for all items on a temporary issue card and are responsible for returning all items upon leaving the program


Supply does not issue out, unless directed and stock is available

  • Ranks

  • Camp Badges

  • Shooting Badges

  • Star Levels Badges

  • First Aid Badges

  • Music Level Badges

Lost Uniform parts must be told to supply. A memorandum is required to replace or request new items and addressed to your Platoon Commander. After approval you will be issued out the replacement parts. The Memo format can be found on our Resource Page.



All cadets who need to do Exchanges of uniform parts come to supply

Exchanges will happen only if Cadets bring the part to exchange;

  • The item must be washed

  • If wearing item, know size of what is needed

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