The Army Cadet Training Program consists of 4 main areas in which the cadets participate in training to receive their star levels.

The first area is the LOCAL HEADQUARTERS TRAINING. During the training year which runs from September to June each year the cadets participate in weekly training on Monday nights as well as weekend exercises and Saturday training sessions. These activities are broken down into four training levels: Green; Red; Silver; Gold. We also run two senior programs the National Star of Excellence and the Master Cadet Program. For more information on each of these levels please click the link below.

The second area is SUMMER TRAINING. Cadets have the opportunity to attend 2, 3, and six week courses at multiple training centers across the country. All summer training opportunities including transportation and room and board while there are covered as part of the training opportunity. Check out the available camps and locations available.

Our third area of training is EXPEDITION TRAINING. This is the area that makes army cadet training unique from the other two elements. Cadets in their Silver and Gold star levels start the expedition training program at the local level. Once they are completed they then can apply for expeditions at the regional, national and international levels. Check out the links below on some of the past and future expeditions.

The Army Cadet Training Program is rounded out with our REGIONALLY DIRECTED ACTIVITIES. These activities are run through our regional cadet support unit. These activities include but are not limited to: Biathlon; Marksmanship; Musicon; Sports Competition; and, Drill Competition.